Wilson Rush Pro 4.0 Clay Paris Hope Edition Tennis Shoe | First Look

Featuring a unique design crafted by French graffiti artist Hope, the Rush Pro 4.0 Clay Paris Edition combines head-turning style with awe-inspiring performance. An evolution of the Rush Pro 3.5 chassis construction, 4D Support Chassis 2.0 splits the chassis into two pieces for a dual purpose: one piece runs under the foot for enhanced support and forward propulsion, while the other runs laterally for additional stability and control. In the forefoot of the midsole, Energy Cell features a lightweight EVA foam designed to optimize the transfer of body weight through impact for more explosive propulsion. Part of Wilson’s 2022 Paris collaboration with Hope, this shoe flashes a look inspired by French 90’s street & hip-hop culture and helps take the popular Rush Pro franchise to all-new heights for both design and performance.

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