What To Expect From Head Gravity 2023 Auxetic Tennis Rackets?

What To Expect From The New Head Gravity 2023 Auxetic Tennis Rackets - TennisGuy.eu

Head’s Gravity 2023 tennis racquet range is the latest in the collection to be upgraded with new Auxetic technology. This adds a specific elastic component to the frame that gives the racquets more easy power, and most importantly improves the feel when hitting the ball for the better. Today, let’s take a look at the different models and what you can expect from them.

Head Gravity 2023 Auxetic Overview

A small change in version names
The Gravity line of racquets once again features six models ranging from lighter ones for lower intermediate, seniors, juniors up to intermediate players to the heaviest ones for experienced and competitive players. The first of the pair of lightest models has had a name change. The lightest model, formerly known as Gravity Lite, is now called Gravity Team L. The second lightest model has been renamed from Gravity S to Gravity Team. This minor name change is intended to make the rackets easier to recognize.

Lower Intermediate & Intermediate Head Gravity 2023 Auxetic Tennis Rackets

The other models are the same, so you can again look forward to the popular lighter Gravity MP L model, the proven racquet for intermediate players Gravity MP and the more challenging model up to tournament players Gravity Tour. The top of the food chain is again the Gravity Pro model, which will appeal especially to experienced and competitive players. Which of these racquets do you fancy?

What to expect from them?
Head’s Gravity line of racquets boasts an unusual head shape. It is more round and widened at the sweetspot. That’s why the main motto of these racquets is the phrase “Massive Sweetspot” for easy hitting sensation. In addition to a high tolerance to off-center shots, the rackets offer a high frame flexibility so you can expect great comfort even when you play with a stiff polyester string. This will suit especially players who have arm problems and require excellent comfort and feel from the racquet.

Upper Intermediate & Tournament Head Gravity 2023 Auxetic Tennis Rackets

The rounder head and elongated neck of these racquets result in tremendous explosiveness combined with very good feel. This makes the balls feel further away from the body and makes more use of the racquet’s inertia for high impact and overall superior ball control. Spin potential is also very good with these racquets, especially with the lighter models with the 16×20 string pattern. In general, these racquets are suitable for modern full-court tennis with an emphasis on aggressive play from the baseline.

Modern technology
In addition to the main Auxetic technology, the racquets are equipped with additional features that enhance and highlight some of their characteristics. The Sweet Zone technology is related to the extended head shape, where the sweetspot is located slightly above the centre of the head for maximum impact and easy ball hitting. Another technology that enhances the overall playing experience is the Elliptical Beam. This is a rounder part of the frame in the shoulder area of the neck. This makes the racquet more flexible, with a more comfortable feel on impact and a better feel for the ball.

The third and final tweak is the Flex Groove, which is related to the previous technology. The deep groove in the head neck in the shoulder area again contributes to greater flexibility and frame feel. And indeed, the hardness of Gravity racquet frames is as low as 59-63 RA, making these racquets some of the softest on the market. The average hardness of current tennis racquets is roughly 65 RA, with the hardest frames being as high as 72 RA. Because of this, there is no need to worry about unwanted vibrations or an overall overly stiff feel to the game with these racquets.

Offer for the whole family
The lightest models of the new Gravity Team L (270 g) and Team (285 g) racquets will appeal to juniors, seniors, lower intermediate and intermediate younger/older players in particular. Both have an oversize (enlarged) 104 in2 / 670 cm2 head for easy ball striking from any position. They will also be suitable for active seniors who like to participate in doubles sessions. The slightly more challenging MP L (280 g) and MP (295 g) models will appeal to intermediate women and juniors with tournament ambitions. They have a smaller 100 in2 / 645 cm2 head, a narrower 22 mm frame and are overall more precise.

The Tour (305 g) and Pro (315 g) tournament models significantly outperform the previous frames in performance. They have the same 100 in2 / 645 cm2 head, but instead of a 16×20 string layout, they feature a denser 18×20 string pattern. This pattern is aimed at better control and ball placement. Combined with the overall heavier weight, the racquets are very accurate and bear comparison to the Prestige racquets also from Head. Especially the Pro model is without a doubt one of the most demanding rackets in the 315 g racket category. It has a narrow 20 mm frame and a high swingweight of around 334 kg*cm2, which is already a value you don’t want to be joking about.

Whichever model you choose from the new Head Gravity Auxetic 2023 series, you can be sure that you are getting a high-end racquet in a modern coat with outstanding comfort and top notch performance.

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