TECNIFIBRE T-FIGHT 305 ISO 🎾 Tennis Racket First Impressions – It’s Fantastic!

The new Daniil Medvedev’s Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 ISO 🎾 comes with loads of power and control. Check out my full training with this new stick with my team friend Renata. The racket is excellent!

Balls we use: Tecnifibre Court
Shoes I use: Mizuno Wave Exceed SL2 CC
Renata’s racket: Babolat Pure Strike 100 + Luxilon ALU Power

0:10 – Warm up from center of the court
6:31 – Forhend cross (Michael)
10:32 – Backhand cross (Michael)
10:45 – The Eight Excercise (8)
18:46 – Forhend cross (Renata)
22:26 – Backhand cross (Renata)
29:37 – Volleys + Smash (Michael)
31:52 – Volleys + Smash (Renata)
40:52 – Serve from the right side (Renata) + Return (Michael)
42:15 – Serve from the right side (Michael) + Return (Renata)
43:35 – Serve from the left side (Renata) + Return (Michael)

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