Perfect Allround Tweener Tennis Racket 🎾 TECNIFIBRE T-FIGHT 295 RSL Review

Perfect Allround Tweener Tennis Racket 🎾 TECNIFIBRE T-FIGHT 295 RSL Review

The Tecnifibre T-Fight 295 RSL 🎾 tennis racket is great for intermediate to advanced players with an active and more aggressive style of play. It has big sweetspot, yet it feels precise enough to dictate the pace. Easy access to spin with nice blend of power and great stability makes this racket a perfect tweener stick for ambitious juniors and ladies. For men, it might feel little bit too easy to swing with, but if you are nimble and light guy like I’m (186 cm/65 kg), you will be more than happy. It has no flaws. It’s one of the rackets that works just fine in every aspect from ground strokes to net strokes. You can even go serve & volley with this one and you will be surprised how stable a reliable this racket is. Bonus is a great quality control, which is on the same or better level like the rackets from Yonex.

Check Out My Full Training With This Racket With Commentary:

Strings used: Tecnifibre Black Code 1.28 mm

Timestamps ⌚️:
0:01 – Introduction
1:19 – Specifications
2:41 – Quality Control Test – Weight, Balance & Swingweight
9:05 – What I Like – Video From My Training
14:14 – Improved Design Quality
14:45 – Summary – Who Should Buy This Racket?

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