Best Budget Tennis Racket For Advanced Players 🎾 ARTENGO TR960 CONTROL TOUR 16X19 Review

The Artengo TR960 Control Tour 16×19 tennis racket is the best cheap control oriented racket with Wilson Pro Staff 97 and Head Prestige feel and precision. The racket has super easy manooovrlbity in stock form – check out the quality control test video with weight, balance and swingweight. It’s exceptional! Everyone can enjoy it. From beginners to intermediate and advanced players. And it’s great if you want to improve in the future, because this racket is the best customizable low powered racket for the best money. If you customize it with some lead tape (and I higly recommend it) in the head, you will turn the racket into a proper players stick with great stability and impressive plowthrough. Check out my full video review of the stock & customized version of this racket.

P.S: Don’t forget to check out your local Decathlon Store for availibility!

Timestamps ⌚️:
0:01 🤷‍♂️ What Should I Tell To Those People?
1:48 🎥 The Racket Trailer
3:05 💰 Introduction – It’s Worth More Than It Costs
6:52 ⚙️ Specifications
11:40 🛠 How I Customized The Racket
12:58 ⚖️ Customized Swingweight
15:07 🔧 Further Customization
17:08 💪 Best Strokes – Serve, Slice, Spin…Everything Is There
21:59 🎾 Volleys Are Great
23:02 👌 You Need To Buy This Racket – Final Words & Design 🎨
28:05 ⭐️ Bonus Shots! 🤩

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1 year ago

Great review, got one TR960 myself after watching it and now considering buying another one. It is a great stick after some customization. Thanks!


[…] is how I customized my Artengo TR960 Control Tour 16×19 (my review here) tennis racket to perfection. You will see strung weight, balance, swingweight and all the extra […]